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PiZZA Pi has served over 7,000 pizzas to hungry boaters and for over three years has been continuously ranked amongst the top restaurants in the US Virgin Islands according to TripAdvisor.


#1 Fans

Never during our many visits to PiZZA Pi did we imagine that someday we would call it our own. But that is exactly what happened. In the Spring of 2018, news started to spread that the famous PiZZA Pi was for sale. The previous year, our daughter, Becca, had worked on Pi and our family and friends all become raving fans of Pi. Having recently sold a successful software business and now spending more time in our home-away-from-home, St Thomas - it seemed that the timing might be just right. We felt it was important, especially post Irma/Maria, that iconic venues such as PiZZA Pi be preserved and, well, the rest is history - or, actually, the beginning of PiZZA Pi's next chapter.

Heather & Brian Samelson


Elise Schroeder

I am from a small town in Wisconsin nestled along the shores of lake Michigan by the name of Manitowoc. I grew up traveling to the east coast every year to spend time in the Outer Banks, and I fell in love with the ocean. Coming up with a Parrot-head mother I was destined to end up someplace warm, to lounge in the sand, on a boat, or by a pool with a boatdrink in my hands (thats right double fisting drinks is the way to go on your days off). Right out of High School I moved to St. Thomas to attend the University of the Virgin Islands to study marine biology. I have spent the last several years making the Virgin Islands my home. This past season I was given the chance to work on PiZZA Pi and I fell in love all over again. The atmosphere,killer coworkers, the captains, and the guests that come out make the long hot days out on the water so worth it. I can't wait to get back out on the water and make some stellar pies! #pigirlforlife #pitilidie

Elise Schroeder
General Manager

Our Founders

In honor of our founders. They spent 2.5 years building Pi - a 100% custom vessel that brings authentic NY style pizza to the waters of the US Virgin Islands. 


Our Founders : Capt Sasha & Tara Bouis

Captain Sasha graduated from MIT, worked on Wall Street & threw it all away to become a sailboat captain.  One of his most charming traits is sounding like he knows what he's talking about, then backing it up with something half-baked and totally impressive.  He was behind the design and layout of every system on board Pi.

Chef Tara was a special education teacher in Indiana, paid for culinary training in cases of Guinness, moved to the islands to be a scuba instructor & is now an award-winning yacht chef.  She's an expert at biting off more than she can chew.  Designing the layout of the entire boat, and then building it herself took it to a new level.  

Building from the Hull Up

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Our search for "the boat" lead us through a number of derelict hulls left on various islands.  We had become comfortable with the fact that we would never find the perfect vessel and so would never have to suffer through endless hot days in the boat yard... until the day we accidentally found her.   


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After purchasing our boat we went back to the states to get married.  Our wedding registry was a list of tools & boat parts.  Our honeymoon was three weeks in the Nanny Cay  boat yard on Tortola.  We worked early mornings and late into the night to clear out, clean up & begin building.  Our goal was to complete the build in about six months.  


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Two years later we were living onboard Pi in the mangroves, pulling together the last of the big projects, applying for government licensing & heading off to NYC for a week-long fast-track pizza school.  After pouring so much of ourselves into the boat and business concept it was time for our moment of truth.  Would anyone show up to buy our pizza?

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