The Brain & Brawn

2.5 years of building & we’ve created a 100% custom vessel that takes the familiar food truck concept to the waters of the US Virgin Islands where we prepare & serve New York style pizza to hungry boaters in the bay.

THE DREAMERS : Capt Sasha & Tara Bouis

Captain Sasha "The Brain" graduated from MIT, worked on Wall Street & threw it all away to become a sailboat captain.  One of his most charming traits is sounding like he knows what he's talking about, then backing it up with something half-baked and totally impressive.  His most recent bluff-and-make-it work was the design and layout of every system on board Pi.

Chef Tara "The Brawn" was a special education teacher in Indiana, paid for culinary training in cases of Guinness, moved to the islands to be a scuba instructor & is now an award-winning yacht chef.  She's an expert at biting off more than she can chew.  Designing the layout of the entire boat, and then building it herself took it to a new level.  She also looks good handling a range of power tools in a bikini.