Building from the Hull Up

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Our search for "the boat" lead us through a number of derelict hulls left on various islands.  We had become comfortable with the fact that we would never find the perfect vessel and so would never have to suffer through endless hot days in the boat yard... until the day we accidentally found her.   


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After purchasing our boat we went back to the states to get married.  Our wedding registry was a list of tools & boat parts.  Our honeymoon was three weeks in the Nanny Cay  boat yard on Tortola.  We worked early mornings and late into the night to clear out, clean up & begin building.  Our goal was to complete the build in about six months.  


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Two years later we were living onboard Pi in the mangroves, pulling together the last of the big projects, applying for government licensing & heading off to NYC for a week-long fast-track pizza school.  After pouring so much of ourselves into the boat and business concept it was time for our moment of truth.  Would anyone show up to buy our pizza?